Fund Manager

Consistent and reliable value analysis, regulatory reporting, and strategic oversight

Investment Committee

Executing our investment strategy with 75+ years of Real Estate experience

Opportunity Analysts

Long term industry analysis to identify long term value opportunities

Asset Manager

Real Estate portfolio management, rebalancing, asset exchange, and diversification management

Real Estate Reinvented

How We Are Different

We are firm believers that Time holds the key to unlocking unparalleled financial success and US Commercial Real Estate offers unparalleled potential for growth and stability in an ever-changing market landscape.

Our journey inspired us to create a unique real estate investment strategy optimized based on investment objective. Our Equity product is designed to grow steadily over time using tangible assets or leverage. Our Income Product utilizes mortgage law to prioritize income payments to investors.  This approach provides a strong base for long-term success, offering investors a clear path to financial prosperity.

Who We Are

We are our target customer

At REICG, we’re passionate about unlocking the power of US Commercial Real Estate for everyone, not just the wealthy. We’ve seen firsthand how hard it is for most people to get ahead financially, and we believe there’s a better way. That’s why we created a place where you can invest your money in real estate, the same way we want to invest ours.

Family Owned

We are a multi-generational family owned company that is committed to creating lasting value for generations to come.


REICG was founded on a bold principle: to sidestep the intense pressures and strings attached to institutional capital. By steering clear of corporate funds, we've effectively eliminated Wall Street's slice of your investment returns, ensuring that your profits stay where they belong – with you.

45 mil

Real Estate Deals Executed by this team

75 +

Years of real estate experience

1 .5%

Below Market

About Us

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