Mission Statement

Empower global investors with direct access to the wealth generating power of U.S. Commercial Real Estate

Real Estate Reinvented

Bringing the greatest benefits of CRE to the world

Most publicly available Real Estate investments are built with short term time horizons designed to maximizing manager profits and the taxes paid to the government. We set out to create an investment product that delivers the greatest long-term benefits of Commercial Real Estate to the world.
Benefits of Commercial Real Estate

There is a reason that ALL of the ultra-wealthy 1% invest in commercial real estate.  It is an asset class that delivers tremendous benefits to owners and those benefits are amplified the longer the assets are held. 

SEC Registration

Delivering Global Access

Registering our funds with the SEC enables us to offer our direct, private real estate investments to the public.

Our funds aren't publicly traded but we provide strong liquidity programs for ultimate flexibility in an inherently illiquid asset class.
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Value Stability

Access to Your Funds at Anticipated Values

Our shares aren’t traded on public exchanges, and we don’t sell properties to provide liquidity to investors. These unique features ensure remarkably stable share prices.

Without public trading, your shares aren’t influenced by institutional traders, keeping values steady. Plus, without property sales, we sidestep interest rate fluctuations tied to property valuations.

Our Mission

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